Sculpting Lift Cream


A multi-functional cream that firms facial contours, improves laugh lines, and even reduces dark spots. Helps lift sagging cheeks and tighten the jawline, while enhancing the skin’s resilience and brightening the skin’s tone to reveal a more sculpted and youthful look. Formulated with Pine Extract and Rubus Leaf Extract to regulate undesirable fat cells* that cause sagging of the face and the appearance of laugh lines. Formulated with Cinnamon Extract, which optimizes the skin’s natural purifying function*, to help redefine jaw contours that have become soft or puffy. With its dewy texture, this rich cream spreads smoothly and penetrates deeply into the skin’s inner layers**. It protects the skin with a veil of hydration for a 24-hour moisturizing effect.  

*in vitro tests

**stratum corneum


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