Skin Empowering Cream

Powerful science. Practical skincare. With an eye toward the pace of your life and the stress of your environment, Shiseido scientists have created the perfect operating system for skin. Simple care. High impact results. These exceptional formulations propel the latest advances of skin physiology to the forefront. Shiseido Men, with exclusive Damage Defense Complex*, helps skin at the cellular level**―giving it what it needs to not only function at its best, but better resist visible signs of aging. Dryness, roughness, dullness, and excess oil pose no threat. With refreshing yet effective hydrating formulas and a fragrance that encourages positive feelings, Shiseido Men will revolutionize the face of your future. *Damage Defense Complex contains a dynamic combination of patented ingredients. (Patented: USA, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan) **ex vivo testA powerful skin revitalizer that immediately provides toned radiance and visible smoothness. Day by day, skin becomes energized and more resistant against the signs of fatigue and aging. ○Formulated with Carnosine DP™* and Beech Bud Extract**, this cream provides intensive vitality to fatigued skin by optimizing skin functions for youthful-looking firmness. ○Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin's resilience around the eye area and facial contour with regular use. ○Visibly improves skin's texture, smoothing away rough areas while minimizing the appearance of conspicuous pores for renewed and healthy-looking skin. ○Keeps skin hydrated for 24 hours. ○Ultra-smooth and refreshingly light texture quickly blends into skin. ○Calming scent provides relaxing benefits. ○Formulated with Damage Defense Complex and a Vitamin E derivative. ○NON-COMEDOGENIC. ○DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED. *Carnosine, the oxidation-fighting peptide found in muscle tissue, helps to extend the life of cells by boosting defense mechanisms against free radicals. (in vitro tests) **Beech Bud Extract helps natural collagen production. (in vitro tests)

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