Hydrating Day Cream


Awaken Your Inner Hydration Power

Hydration is the basic element of healthy skin. When your skin is well hydrated, you feel like you can maintain its condition and avoid skin troubles. SHISEIDO’s revolutionary technology gives your skin more than just long-lasting hydration— it gives it the power to hydrate constantly and produce healthy glow within. 

Powered by The Lifeblood™, this 24hour hydrating day cream sustains skin’s best condition. With its unique texture like a light splash of water, this cream penetrates quickly and fills skin with moisture.

A package designed with sustainability in mind, which reduces 81% of plastic
waste compared to its usual form.

• 24hour moisture, to maintain glowing, hydrated skin.
• Unique, light texture feels like water splashing.
• Penetrates quickly and deeply to start charging your skin with glowing hydration right away, and
maintain it
• Protects skin from pollution* and UV rays.**
• For all skin types. Sensitive skin-friendly.
* dust and soot / fine dust
** SPF20PA+++


• Use every morning after cleanser and ULTIMUNE serum.
• Apply with fingertips to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.
• Smooth the cream gently over the face, starting in the larger
areas such as the cheeks and forehead. Move from the center of
the face outward.


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