BB For Sports SPF 50+ PA+++ Tinted Sunscreen


A natural-looking, long-lasting, and transfer-resistant BB tinted sunscreen with Shiseido's ultimate sun protection formula and WetForce technology for powerful protection.

Shiseido uses Quick Dry Technology inspired by a textile company to prevent sticky skin and sunscreen meltdowns. BB for Sports for Sports creates a hydrophilic veil on the face that diffuses sweat across the surface of the skin to speed up drying time. This prevents beads of sweat from dripping down the face and allows perspiration to evaporate faster without compromising sun protection and makeup wear. Add to that WetForce Technology, developed as an ionic mineral sensor and a new ionic mineral powder that bind with the minerals in water or perspiration, this product creates a powerful film that defends against UV rays — meaning the more you sweat, the stronger the protection.

  • In addition to SHISEIDO’s Profence CL complex, which helps inhibit enzyme activity to counteract causes of wrinkles and dark spots, BB for Sports contain an Amino Acid Derivative Complex, which has an emollient effect to maintain beautiful skin, even while playing sports. Inspired by sports drinks and supplements that offer the body a revitalising surge of amino acids, this ingredient helps skin maintain a healthy look and mildly acidic state.
  • Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested.

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