Complete Cleansing Microfoam


A light, oil-free instant foaming cleanser infused with effective ingredients to help soften and remove impurities. This creamy foam feels gentle on skin, prepping it for further skincare treatment.

Rice Germ Oil softens and moisturizes skin while exclusive InternalPowerResist technology strengthens skin and defends against environmental pollutants*. Ideal for all skin types this light and airy foam leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated, with enhanced clarity.
*Tested by 100 women


  • 94% felt it created a rich lather that lasted in its consistency, even when it was applied to the skin.

After 1 week of regular use:

  • 87% felt the product softens the skin.

After 2 weeks of regular use:

  • 97% felt the product had a moisturizing effect.

* Tested by 100 women

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