Ultimune Future Power Shot (150th Anniversary Limited Edition)

A potent shot of our #1 ULTIMUNE for everyone

Defend and enrich with this potent shot of skin-protecting serum that sees SHISEIDO’s ImuGeneration150 Technology™ infused with ULTIMUNE’s key ingredients in a 15X concentration.

This lightweight, fast-absorbing intensive serum helps enrich and protect your skin in various environments, now and for the future. Enjoy the energizing refreshing fragrance and experience healthy, vibrant skin from within. The future is limitless: meet it with radiance and resilience.

*Based on the improvement of moisture-retention rate and transepidermal water loss.

How to use:
- Use twice a week.
- Use in place of ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate III.
- Apply after balancing skin with softener and before emulsion or cream.
- Push bottom button with index finger to dispense and smooth evenly over the face.

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