Legendary Enmei Ultimate Luminance Serum Set


A sense of luxury and transcendence.
A sense of enlightened skin.

This luxurious face serum is formulated from the Enmei herb, hand-picked from Japan's lush nature on tenshanichi, the most auspicious day of the Japanese calendar. Treasured Green Silk encourages the vitalizing forces that renew beautifully looking skin. A combination of traditional Japanese aesthetics, breakthrough technology, and ancient botanical wonders make this serum the most precious for improving skin quality.

After one use:
- Your skin becomes visibly supple, radiant and hydrated the next morning.

After one bottle (6 weeks):
- Skin is more than simply radiant, resilient and moisturized and luminous.

For greater efficacy, use together with Shiseido's new limited edition Eye Celebrating Masque that offers a lavish, intensive moisture wrap for the eye area. This uniquely shaped mask targets concerns such as loss of firmness and fine lines caused by dryness. Skin feels soft and smooth with moisture. With its potent cocktail of five naturally derived effective ingredients, Eye Celebration Masque reveals a dewy, radiant appearance from within after just one use.

*Test Site: Singapore, Test Period: May-Jun 2018
Methodology: Tested by 100-101 women

For all Skin Types. Dermatologist-Tested.

While stocks last.

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